Clink IT Solutions Team

Case Study:
Gusto Cloud Point-of-Sale System


GUSTO is a sleek, versatile and user friendly point-of-sale system designed for the modern restaurateur. It was designed to be able to handle everything from small restaurant setups to cross-country franchise models. Clink I.T. engineers continuously develop and enhance this cloud-based POS. With this software, managing the business and controlling the menu, pricing, taxes and discounts become easier and more efficient.


Gusto wanted to market a secure product with continuous feature enhancement when it came to mobility and integration. On top of that, they wanted us to optimize their software.


The main parts of the Gusto POS are the POS Client App and Gusto Enterprise Intelligence. The Gusto Enterprise Intelligence has been built from the ground up to become a one-stop Management Console for managing the enterprise, as well as the data presented in the POS Client. The work done on Gusto Enterprise Intelligence means that each enterprise now has an easy way to manage their data, including, but not limited to:

  • Managing stores, revenue centers, terminals, provisioned hardware
  • Complete control of their menu
  • Employee tracking
  • Custom reports and data dashboards

Our overhaul of the POS Client has yielded a number of improvements, most notably increasing the performance for older machines.

We’re quickly developing a host of new features for them. Here are two of the most prominent examples:

  • Web and Mobile Ordering: The Gusto Enterprise Intelligence offers both web and mobile ordering systems for customers. The system is also responsible for managing the data presented to the enterprises' customers.
  • Gusto Classroom: A learning hub containing video tutorials and a knowledge base developed for training both Management Console and POS Client users.

Why They Love Us

They enjoy working with us because of the quality of our engineers and managers. Our level of experience offers you unparalleled front-end and back-end technical service and is paired with an unrelenting can-do attitude that ensures all jobs are done properly and promptly.

Technologies Used

Database: SQL Azure

Operating Systems:
Client: Windows 8
Server: Azure Platform-as-a-Service

Languages / Tools:

  • C#
  • Windows 8 Runtime (Store Apps)
  • ASP.NET Web API 2
  • WCF
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript (jQuery, AngularJS)

Other Hardware:

  • Touch-enabled Screens
  • Barcode Scanners
  • Kitchen Printers

Database: SQL Azure